Operation and tests with new products

When the raw material is considered unknown, in other words, not yet processed in Ecirtec’s equipment, we offer orientation and the possibility of tests execution on the pilot-plant installed in our factory in Bauru. We provide this service for commercial means and also studies means, in a partnership with institutes and researchers on the field.

Extraction and refine of vegetal oils

We do the extraction and oil refining for your company, during the stage of market development and/or economic technical viability studies of your raw material, under consulting.

Engineering projects

With more than 30 years of experience in the field, Ecirtec’s staff develops projects of industrial complexes for those who wish to start a vegetal oil extraction business or for consolidated companies that wish to expand installations. The engineering projects are applied in three stages:

Pre-project: the client will have all the necessary information to verify the economic viability and/or start financing lines;

Detailed project: after the viability analysis, it is presented the technical detailing of all the unities involved in the project (stocking, oil extraction, oil refining, biodiesel, utilities, etc…) the technical definitions will be followed up by indications of minimum three companies providers of all the equipment. The commercial definitions are at client’s discretion.

Complete work managing: elaboration of physical and financial schedule, fabrication follow up, complete installation assembly, gear setting and warranty verification.

R&D - Research and Development

The Ecirtec can assist clients in developing a new manufacturing process or even a new product. With an exclusive area for tests, composed of various types of equipment, it is possible to validate processes, test new raw materials or develop new equipment that meets a specific need.