Quality Policy

Being Quality a key focus of Ecirtec, we understand it as a key to optimize the work processes, seek continuous improvement , promote increasing customer satisfaction and look, always, development and Employee satisfaction instrument.

The Ecirtec is geared to the interests of its customers, its employees and its suppliers, only the combination of the interests of these three groups can result in the satisfaction of the interests of each of them in particular.

To achieve this objective the Ecirtec directs its operations by the following principles:
1. Quality of service perceived by customers

The provision of a high level of quality services will help insure market leadership at a time when the Clients are increasingly faced with the choice between solutions and services offered by Ecirtec or competitors.
2. Image of trust

The Ecirtec, for its long tradition in the domestic market, receives an image of credibility and trust, which is an important distinguishing factor.

3. Qualified and motivated employees

The production process involves Ecirtec, at different stages of the value chain, a high participation of human assets in its direct contact with Customers : Employees are not only sellers but also guarantees the reliability of the service, so we have training processes, recovery skills and continuous social and professional development.
4. Customer Satisfaction

Exceed the expectations of clients involves ensuring solutions perfectly tailored to your needs, at competitive prices, delivered on schedule and at a level appropriate to their needs service; , allowing them to recognize the Ecirtec as preferred partner in strengthening their competitive capabilities.
5. Corporate culture

All employees must base their action on the rules of ethical conduct, respect for human and properly oriented Client integrity.
6. Partnerships

An activity as our specialization, complementarity and globalization are increasingly present, which advises conducting business partnerships that allow the sharing of capabilities, risk and relationships in order to get sustainable business markets and ensuring mutual benefits.

Technical Assistance


Ecirtec products have normal 12 months warranty. During this period, the company takes responsibility of eventual fabrication defects not noticed on the fabrication stage, evaluating the need for fixing or reposition of the mentioned item.

In the case of accessories and components not factored by Ecirtec (motors, start keys, frequency inverters, thermometers, manometer, etc.), the warranty given by the factor will be entirely passed to the client.

When the warranty is not valid

The warranty is not valid in case of defect or damage occasioned by accidents, normal wastage, negligence, improper maneuver and stocking in inadequate place. Ecirtec also does not take responsibility by the product if the client undertakes repair or alteration on their own, without the company’s formal authorization.

It is expressly excluded any responsibility of Ecirtec for direct or indirect damages caused by their products to the client or third ones. The company limits itself to the unique and exclusive responsibility of offering repairs realized by internal professionals trained for this matter.

Setting and maintenance of equipment

The equipment provided by Ecirtec follows with catalogue containing basic instructions for setting, maintenance and cranking.

When required by client and described in budget, the equipment are provided with key starters and with electric interconnection cable key/motor. In all of the cases, it’s up to the client the supplying of cable for interconnection of the starter to the general network with its respective accessories.

Cranking and operation

The equipment of Ecirtec’s micro plant is of easy installation and operation, and the instructions in the catalogue are sufficient for the cranking and operation by client. Ecirtec can provide complementary clarifying by phone, fax, letter or email.

The client must send a technician to Ecirtec’s headquarter in Bauru to receive general instructions and verify the pre-setting by a period to be defined together. It depends on the client to bring the raw material sample for processing.

Under client’s solicitation, Ecirtec can present specific budget in case this service delivery is necessary for a larger period of time or even in the installation’s location.