About us

Ecirtec is a company specialized in the production of equipment for noble vegetal oils of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and biodiesel purposes. Since September 1988 in business, it offers the highest technology in the process of extraction and refinement.

The company is the leader on the Brazilian market and also gains place on the international market, acquiring clients in Asia, Africa, European Union and across the American continent.

With vast experience on the field, Ecirtec offers complete solutions: projects, develops and installs small, medium and large industrial complexes, and also produces e commercializes equipment separately, with technical assistance warranty. This way, clients can count on incomparable service delivery and high level consulting in every aspect of the business..

The pilot-plants for developing and tests allow the simulation of all the levels of the required production, offering a solid and secure viability research. For the vegetal oils extraction, the structure follows ANVISA’S (The National Sanitary Vigilance Agency) pre-determined rules. As for the Biodiesel production pilot-plant, it follows the ANP (National Petrol Agency) standards.

The 4.320 square meters Ecirtec headquarter is located in Bauru, a São Paulo state town, at about 325 kilometers away from the capital city São Paulo, in the 2nd Industrial District. Access to the district is via João Ribeiro de Barros interstate highway, exit 226.


Develop products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and suppliers to the highest ethical principles, committed to social and environmental preservation.


Being reference in the business area in which it operates.


Aimed the SAFETY of people above all, respecting people, EXCELLENCE with SIMPLICITY and focus on RESULTS, economic, social and environmental sustainability.

How We Work

In early 1990’s, Ecirtec created its first mini filter press, the MPE-40, soon approved by ITAL ( The Food Technology Institute), later released on the market. Ever since, the product portfolio does not stop growing.

Process studies, research investments, new equipment development and an advanced project engineering department made Ecirtec worldwide recognized, allowing the company to grow solid as a pioneer in several vegetal oils extraction and refinery technologies.

Ecirtec is recommended, also, in NRI’s (Natural Resources Institute) publications, an English organization that offers research, training and consulting services to stimulate the sustainable development with economic growth and poverty reduction.

The company also has agreements with national and international research Institutes.